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About US

Southport Management Group, Inc. purchases commercial and multi-family properties in emerging markets throughout the USA and provides investors with above average rates of return secured by real estate. By conservatively underwriting projects, Southport Management Group (SMG) lowers the risk to investors and maximizes returns. After working overseas (Asia and the Middle East) for years designing and managing billion-dollar engineering/construction programs, Phil Russo formed Southport Management Group, Inc., along with his wife and partner, Dr. Victoria Russo. For 2019, SMG growth projections are 300 units under contract.

Southport Management Group utilizes a unique, systematic and considered process to underwrite, acquire, manage, and sell properties. Market preparation and focused property criteria enable SMG to tailor analysis to each property. Required actions and activities in the property acquisition and management phases are mapped; allowing tracking, reporting and communicating adjustments early in the process.

Southport Management Group takes a unique approach to real estate by understanding the intricacies of market cycles and supervising the management teams, monitoring financials diligently and marketing for long term investment. 

To support investors in achieving financial and management targets, Phil and Victoria Russo have studied under some of the real estate industry’s best innovators. They continually work to implement Best Practices and focus primarily on commercial and larger multifamily properties.