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Southport Management Group, Inc. seeks to identify Commercial & Multi-Family properties for acquisitions, management and re-sale. These criteria and the acquisitions that they produce reinforce the company’s contrarian philosophy of buying undervalued properties that have momentum plays.


1) Potential High Yield Income Streams

2) Various Capitalization Rates depending on cash requirements and potential projected returns.

3) Asset Type: “B” & “C” type properties in “B” & “C” type areas. 

4) Purchase Price Range: $ 1,500,000.00 - $18,000,000.00

5) Southport Management Group, Inc. will also consider the assumption of existing mortgages and consistently looks to acquire value-add opportunities.


1) Commercial and Multifamily residential apartments.

2) Size Ranges – 20 to 150 + units.

3) Age – Any age but prefer properties constructed in the 70’s to 80’s.

4) Roof – Prefer pitched construction.

5) Minimum occupancy is 85%, however, Southport Management Group will consider lower occupancy on properties that require repositioning, if the properties are well located and present value enhancement opportunities.


1) We buy on actual property financials not on broker Proforma.

2) We actively look to acquire value add opportunities to increase the NOI or reduce expenses.

3) We hire the appropriate local Property Management Company to control expenses and proactively respond to resident issues.

4) We buy in Emerging Markets throughout the USA to capture fastest growing market appreciation. 

5) We hold the investment between 3-5 years for maximum appreciation.

6) We identify and craft our Exit Strategy before we buy.

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